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3D Shapes Hexagonal Pyramid Net
Hexagonal Pyramid Net

Hexagonal Pyramid Net

Category: 3d Shapes

Hexagonal Pyramid - Ideal for Math Displays and 3D Shapes Lesson

Summary: This colourful hexagonal pyramid net is ready to print out, construct & add to your math display area. The 3d shape is tagged with visual reminders of the properties of the shape i.e. it has six triangular faces and one face that is a regular hexagon.

Download and construct a Hexagonal Pyramid for your Math Display

hexagonal pyramid net

Hexagonal Pyramid Net - Create a Hexagonal Pyramid

A Little Something to Think About
(write these up on card & display)

- Find a real world example of a hexagonal pyramid.
- If you stand a hexagonal pyramid on its side is it still a hexagonal pyramid?
- Many educators believe that 3d shapes are NOT taught so students remember the name of each shape. They think students should be able to look at the properties of each shape and then use their thinking skills to work out its name. What do you think?

Construction Hints

- score the hexagonal pyramid net along ALL fold lines before attempting to assemble
- use a ruler to aid scoring
- use sticky tape on the tabs to assemble this shape rather than glue. It is much easier.

Properties of a Hexagonal Pyramid
(write these up on card & display)

- A hexagonal pyramid has seven faces.
- A hexagonal pyramidhas 12 edges
- A hexagonal pyramid has 7corners but one is termed the apex.

Net for a
Hexagonal Pyramid

Word Version - 267k

Net for a
Hexagonal Pyramid

Acrobat Version - 172k

Net for a Hexagonal Pyramid
Jpeg Version - 242k

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