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Online Math Lesson HomeTattoo Designs - Body Art Often Uses Symmetry
Online Math Lesson Online Math Lesson
Many cultures decorate their bodies with tattoos and many of the designs they use are symmetrical.
Maori Tattoo
There are many different types of tattoos. Some tattoos are permanent like in the Maori culture of New Zealand.
Tattoo pic
Some cultures use henna as a tattoo that can be removed.
Tattoo pic
Describe the symmetry in each of these body art designs.
Tattoo pic  
Tattoo pic
Many children love to play with fake tattoo kits or put on temporary tattoos.

Tattoo Challenge 1 - Design your own ink tattoo on paper that has either line symmetry or rotational symmetry. You might consider a tribal tattoo design, a butterfly or any other form of tattoo art. But just remember that a tattoo is for life so you had better like it because I hear tattoo removal is expensive. :)

Tattoo Challenge 2 - Do any of your teachers or parent body have symmetrical tattoo designs?

Interesting Reseach - What is tattoo removal and how is it done?

Online Math Lesson Online Math Lesson
Online Math Lesson

Symmetry of the Face

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