Addition Game - Maths Lesson - 'Doubles Plus One' is an Addition Game for Learning Number Facts

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What You Need:

- MAB Blocks
- A Set of Game Boards & Numeral Cards
- 2 die

How to Play ' Win a Whole' :

Students sit in a small circle with one game board and a collection of MAB in the centre. Each child takes a turn to throw the two dice (if a die goes off the board the throw is not counted). The total on the dice tells the players how many shorts (hundredths) they may take from the "bank" in the centre. When they have ten shorts they must trade them for a long (1 tenth). When they have ten longs they trade them for a flat (a whole or one). The first player with a flat wins the game.

A whole or flat, tenth and hundredth
MAB Blocks - a whole, tenths and hundredths

How to Play ' Win a Lose a Whole' :

Same as above you just start with a whole and subtract the numbers shown by the dice. First person with no MAB left is the winner.


Each child has a set of the numeral cards laid out in piles above the board. Each child labels each column on each throw of the dice with the numeral cards and reads the decimal to the group.

NB When storing these games I place 1 board and a set of numerals in a plastic bag with a seal.

Right click on the File Type you Need and choose 'save target as' then Print & Play

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Win a Whole


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