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Number Cool Maths Websites
Cool Maths Websites

Cool Maths Websites

Category: Homework Ideas

Great Maths Websites

Cool Math Websites for Kids

Get your students out onto the Internet to
discover excellent Math Websites.

- What makes a maths  website 'cool' or 'good'?

- How good are the games for teaching skills?

- Is their a place for 'drill and practice'?

- Does the site really teach what it says it does?

1. Explore a few math websites that might get your students' thinking. 

Cool Math 4 Kids

The Virtual Manipulatives

The Virtual Protractor

2. Send the students to explore the Internet to find a math website they think they would benefit from. NB I find it helps to brainstorm possible search terms before they begin.

3. Have the children write a blog post review on the site they discover.

The review may contain comments in relation to:

- Why do you think this is such a 'cool math website'?
- What knowledge is presented?
- How is this site better than traditional book learning?
- How is the site presenting skills in a way that couldn't normally be done in the classroom?
- How has the site made use of multimedia technologies?
- Is the language used child friendly but not 'dumbed down'?
- Can you choose a level of skill to meet your needs?
- How might the site foster positive attitudes towards learning math?
- Does the use of graphics help you learn maths or distract you?
- Is this a website you can work on by yourself or do you need a way to check what you are learning?

4. Create your own class 'Star Rating System' to rate websites.

5. Invite other students from classes around the school and around the world to comment on the student reviews.  

Just a Little Aside - This is a great way to introduce class teachers to the variety of math resources available on the Internet. It can show them a way of 'working smarter not harder' and the task can also prompt a lot of discussion on what constitutes 'Quality Teaching' in Mathematics.

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