Quotient - What is the Quotient? - The 'quotient' is the answer to a division algorithm.

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Math Game Homepage - Math Vocabulary Posters - What Does Quotient Mean?

Summary: This colourful definition of quotient poster is ready to print out, be introduced to your maths students & then add to your math display area. The revision poster provides a simple definition of prisms and is child friendly.

Quotient Poster - What is the 'quotient'?

What is the quotient?

Below is the original Math Vocab Poster I made around 2004ish.

Above is the most recent version - What Is the Quotient?

Quotient Math Poster

What is the quotient?
Quotient Poster
Word Version - 154kB

What is the quotient?
Quotient Poster
Acrobat Version - 144kB

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