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Math Game Homepage - Is Two a Prime Number?

Is Two a Prime Number?

Prime Numbers

Is Two a Prime Number

Two is the ONLY EVEN prime number. This is a fact that many students have difficulty with. 'How can it be even and prime?'

Let's have a look at the definitions again :)

It can be divided by ITSELF (2) and 1. It has only two DISCTINCT factors (2 & 1) so therefore has too be prime.

NB This Prime Number Math Wall Poster has had a rather significant update since I first made it c. 2004. Click on the image above to grab the new one of click the links below for the 'vintage' version hehehe

Is 2 a prime number?

Download the Poster

What is a Prime Number?

Is 2 a
Prime Number?

- Word Version

Is 2 a prime number?

What is a
Prime Number?

- Acrobat Version

This poster can be added to your Math Vocabulary
Display as a form of Math Help reference material :)

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