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Roman Numerals & Video Games

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Video Game Sequels & Roman Numerals

As computer power has increased, video games have been updated to make use of the advances in processing speed & power. Here are a few tried and true games that have been updated a few times.

The Settlers VI - a Real Time Strategy game (RTS) where you build farms, shear sheep, build buildings, entertain the people and use your soldiers to destroy your enemy.

Final Fantasy XI - is on online Role Playing Game (RPG) in which you make allies, kill monsters and save the world from complete destruction.

Microsoft Flight Simulator X - fly XXIV different aircraft, land in 24 000 airports from around the world. It is said by some pilots that the program feels like you are really flying the plane.

Civilization IV - Rule your own civilization, wage war & grow your society to become the most powerful leader the world has ever seen.

Myst IV: Revelation - is a problem solving adventure game renound for its beautiful graphics.

Age Of Empires III - is a RTS game which you can play in single player mode or multiplayer. It is another game where you have to build cities, capture lands and crush your enemies.

Caesar III - a game where you build a Roman Empire and solve tasks set by Caesar. Oh and you have to fend off attacks by barbarian hordes as well.

Look at the cross section of games above and see if you can work out why you think game designers and game marketers use roman numerals to denote some sequels and not others?

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