Mathematics Lesson - The Games in the Collosseum Were an Important Part of Roman Life

Roman Numerals & the Collosseum

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The Collosseum
(also known as the Flavian Amphitheater)

The Collosseum was completed in LXXX CE and was the largest arena in the Roman Empire.

It is estimated that 500 000 people and 1 000 000 animals died in the Collosseum during its history.

Roman records show that during one particular festival, held in CCXL CE, a staggering: MM gladiators; LXX lions; XL wild horses; XXX elephants; XXX leopards; XX wild asses; XIX giraffes; X elks; X hyenas; X tigers; I hippopotamus & I rhinoceros were killed.

Gladiatorial battles were banned by a Christian emperor in CDVII CE

Timetable of Games

Morning - Animal fights
During Lunch - Executions of criminals
Afternoon = Gladiators & battle reenactments

Getting There

The audience entered through LXXX arches which were numbered I to LXXVI - there were IV unnumbered entrances. Each spectator had a ticket bearing I of these numbers and entered through the corresponding arch. It is said the entire audience could enter and be seated within X minutes.

Only XXXIII doorways remain and they are numbered XXIII to LIV with I unnumbered entrance.

NB - It is a myth that Christians were 'thrown to the loins' here. There is no evidence and the Romans kept impecable records.

An earthquake DCCCXLVII CE destroyed southern side of the building.

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