The Golden Milestone - Measuring Distances in the Roman Empire

Golden Milestone - roman numerals lesson

The Golden Milestone - Milliarium Aureum

- height = ???

- originally marble covered in gilt bronze

- major cities of the empire and their distances are inscribed on it

metaphorical centre of the empire

Location lost

All distances in the Roman Empire measured to this point

All roads lead to Rome

The unit of distance 'mille passus' (literally "a thousand paces" in Latin, with one pace being equal to two steps) was first used by the Romans and denoted a distance of 1,000 paces or 5,000 Roman feet, and corresponded to about 1,480 meters, or 1,618 modern yards. This unit is now known as the Roman mile

Alexandria - founded 334 by Alexander the Great
Jerusalem -

List 3 reasons why the measurements given here would not be written on th ecolumn.

Why is their discrepency?

- Roman mile
As crow flies
terain - ups and downs

How was it lost?

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