2d Shape Game - An Ideal 2d Shape Lesson for Learning 2d Shape Names

2d Shape Game
a game to help learn the names of 2d shapes

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2d Shape Game Card

Here is an excellent printable mathematics game ideal for helping out elementary students with geometry. It deals with the names and geometric properties of 2 dimensional (2d) shapes. The game is free for educational purposes and is a superb resource for: homework, quizzes, classroom teachers, mathematics tutors, revision for exams and tests or just making maths a little more fun.

Download & Print this 2d Shape Game. It's Ideal for Learning Centre work & Revision.

This version of the game covers the: square, circle, regular hexagon, regular octagon, isosceles triangle, right triangle, rhombus, equilateral triangle, pentagon, trapezium, scalene triangle and a rectangle.

The Instructions - The rules to this tried and true math game are in the download.

Once you've printed the game, laminate it, cut it out and have some mathematics fun. For storage I use the plastic bags from the photo lab.

If you are an American user you will need to change the definition of 'trapezium' and the spelling of 'centre' before you print out the game. :)

2d Shape Game Download

2D Math Game
Word Version - 268k
2d Shape Game  Download
2D Math Game
Acrobat Version - 472k

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