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Since there are so many Math websites on the Internet I get the students involved in reviewing them. My purpose in doing this is two fold. Firstly, it gets discussion happening about metacognition and secondly it saves me a heap of time. :)

My review task is available as a Word template and is designed to have the students type straight into it. Here is the task and review questions from the template.

You might like to choose your site to evaluate from one of these lists.

The Virtual Library
Johnnie's Math Page
Get Smart Maths

Website Review Activity

Website Address -

Area of Study -

Your Recommendation for Age Group -

Name of Reviewers - First name and last initials only.

The Scene

You have been invited to submit a website review for an up and coming educational portal known as The hiring department of this organisation is currently on the lookout for talented computer gurus & they are very keen to see what you have to offer.

Your job is to work with a partner and subject your website to intense scrutiny. You must complete this template then present a 3 minute demonstration and critique of your findings.

Be sure to impress the firm with the quality of your work in the hope that they will include your review on their website.

1. General Description - What website have you been assigned and what are its major features? (25 word minimum)

2. List 3 things students will learn as a result of working with this website.

Students will learn…


3. What advice would you give users to help them get the most out of this website?

4. It is said that, "Many educational websites offer students learning experiences not available to children and teachers in normal classrooms".

We think this statement is true / false (delete one and this bit in brackets) because…

5. How helpful do you feel this website is to student learning?

We think this website is: (Bold the one you think and delete this as well)

Extremely Helpful Very Helpful Somewhat Helpful Not at all Helpful

…to student learning because…

6. What improvements do you feel could be made to this website to make it more effective as a learning tool? NB this does not refer to making it 'more fun'.

7. One of the major criticisms of educational websites in general is that there is no way built into them to make sure children come away with the required knowledge. That is to say there seems to be, 'a lot of clicking but not much thinking' going on.

List 3 ways you could make sure that maximum learning is achieved using this website


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Review Template

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