Math Games – Free & Printable

Welcome to, is going through a complete overhaul. Many games and resources have been remade and moved to new sites. Some are in the process of being updated. Here are the links to all the old content you have grown so fond of over the last 10 years šŸ™‚

Free Addition Games -Doubles Plus One – Practise Addition Facts in an Enjoyable Way

Addition Game – Doubles Plus One

Addition Game – Doubles Plus Two

Calculator Game – Beat The Calculator

Calculator Game – Wipeout

Free Subtraction Games

Free Division Games

Roman Numerals – Everything you need to know!

Calculator Game –Ā ideal for exploring place value.

Website Review – What is a Good Math Website?

Numeration Game – 100 to 1 000

Roman Numerals Posters – Basic Roman Numerals SymbolsNumbers 1 to 10Numbers 11 to 20

Decimals Game – Win a Flat

Free Place Value Charts for teaching Units, Thousands, Millions,

Ā Place Value Charts for teaching adding to the above charts – Billions, Trillions & Quadrillions in an engaging way.

Math Vocabulary Wall Posters – Free

Subtraction Game –Ā Reinforce basic subtraction facts with this fun game.

Facts to 10 –Ā Printable puzzles to aid the learning of ‘facts to ten’

The Math of Scoring Olympic Diving – Gotta check this one. I think the rules have changed since the 2000 Olympics šŸ™‚

Fun Multiplication Strategy – Students wear name badges with a Multiplication fact on it. They may only refer to each other by the answer to the algorithm. Way more fun than it sounds.

6 Times Table Game – Jump

7 Times Table Game – Jump

8 Times Table Game – Jump

Multiplication Bingo – An oldie but a goodie

Math Homework Ideas – Some interesting Math related things to investigate for Homework.

Prime Numbers – Reference Charts for Math Walls.

Symmetry WebQuest – a collection of webpages designed to help you explore all things symmetrical.

3d Shape Game – a free game of Concentration for practising 3d shapes.

2d Shape Game

3D Shapes – Nets for 3D ShapesĀ – A net is what a 3D object would look like if you unzipped the edges and flattened it out.

Problem Solving Activities – Part 1 – a Collection of Problems to Solve

More Problem Solving Activities –Ā Part 2 – These are fun and really, really challenging.

Math Blaster – Ok – What to Look for in Math Software.

Cubic Metre Task – With Newspaper.

Graphs Lesson – Task One – Investigate how many of each color are in an M&Ms packet. The students love this one!

Graphs Lesson – Task Two –Ā Use Excel to create graphs with your students then ask them to compare which software they prefer.

Graphs Lesson – Task Three – Telling Lies with Graphs – #toofun –Ā a collection of 42 survey questions for making into graphs. These questions are contained in one document to make the data collection a relatively painless process :

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