3d Shape Game - Ideal for Learning 3d Shape Names
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Math Game Homepage -- 3d Shape Concentration Game

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Here is an excellent math game designed to reinforce the the names and properties of 3d shapes. It is free and it is printable.

Download and Print this 3d Math Game
it is Ideal for Learning Centre work.

This version of the game covers the: cone, cylinder, sphere, definition of prisms, definition of pyramids, triangular prisms, rectangular prisms, square prisms, hexagonal prisms, cubes, tetrahedrons, octagonal prisms and square pyramids.

How to Play 3d Shapes Concentration - In pairs the students shuffle the cards and place them in rows picture side down. The first student turns over any two cards. If the shape card matches the word form card then the student takes the two cards and continues playing. If the two cards do not match, the next play goes to the other student.

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3d shape download

3d Shape Game
Word Version - 191Kb

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