How to Play Multiplication Bingo - 6s and 7s

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Math Game Homepage -- Multiplication Bingo - How to Play

Multiplication Bingo Cards


What You Need:

- All game boards printed out and either laminated or in plastic sleeves
- The game cards printed on cardboard and cut out
- 8 plastic counters for each player
- One calculator for each player

How to Play:

1. Sit in a small circle and the leader hands each player a game board, their counters and a calculator.
2. The leader then shuffles the game cards then begins to read the algorithms. The players then work out the answer and check if their solution is printed on their game board. If it is there they cover the number with a counter.

NB I encourage the children guess then check their answers with the calculator in order to aid memorisation of the multiplication facts.

3. The winner is the person who covers all the numbers first and calls out BINGO!

Multiplication Bingo Game Board

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