Graph Lesson - Using M&Ms to Explore Graph Creation Has Always Worked For Me :)

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Investigate a packet of M&Ms to find out how many of each colour there are in each packet.
Hint - using a tally system will really help you here.


Classroom Organisation Options:

- a packet for each group of three students under pain of death on eating any before investigation complete
- a packet for the teacher ONLY who demonstrates tally systems and eats the occasional M&M for effect :)


Use 'Create a Graph' to graph the results of your investigation.

NB Be sure to explore inappropriate graph types & why!

Possible Question Stems:

- What colour do you think will have the most M&Ms in the packet?
- What colour do you think will have the least number in the packet?
- What surprising results did you discover?
- Which colour was most prevalent?
- Which colour was least prevalent?
- There are about 1/2 as many Yellow M&Ms as Blue. True or False?
- Which group has more than...?
- Which group has almost the same amount?
- How many more...?
- What is the total amount of M&Ms in this packet? How did you arrive at this number?

Further Investigations:

- Is there a correlation between children's least favourite M&M and the amount of that colour in a pack?
- Design a questionnaire that has your classmates rate M&Ms from their favourite to least favourite colour. Graph the results of this questionnaire. - What surprising correlations did you find?
- Hook up with another school and compare results. The Internet is a wonderful place!

Sensational Headlines - "There are lies, damn lies & statistics"

- Encourage your students to make up 'outrageous' statement based on the results of this graph and discuss. - I'm thinking something about 'boys' colours might be a nice place to start.

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