Graph Lesson 2 - Use Excel to Create Graphs in Your Classroom

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classroom graphing idea
You can use Excel to create graphs like this.

NB This tutorial was made in 2003. Google Sheets would be your go to now :-)

Step 1 - Start Excel & then Insert your data into columns A & B.

Make sure you leave row 1 blank.

classroom graphing idea

classroom graphing idea 

Step 2 - Highlight all your data in both columns by left clicking in the top right hand corner of cell A1 and dragging to the bottom right hand corner.

classroom graphing idea

Step 3 - Press the Chart Wizard button to convert the data into a graph.

graphing with excel

Step 4 - Choose a graph that WILL communicate the meaning of the data effectively. (Not just pretty pictures)

Step 5 - Press 'Next'

graphing with excel

graphing with excel

Step 6 - Write in the title of your graph and press 'Next'

Step 7 - Right click on any column and choose 'Format Data Series' then choose the colours of the graph.

graphing with excel

graphing with excel

Step 8 - Right click on the Wall, choose 'Format Walls' & select a colour.

- You can also format the floor of the graph by right clicking on the floor & formatting it.

Excel Graphing Activity
Excel Graph Activity
Acrobat Version - 185k

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