Multiplication - A Strategy for Learning Multiplication Tables

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Math Game Homepage -Multiplication Strategy


Change Student Names to Multiplication Facts for a Day

multiplication strategy

One day a term I have a 'name change' day where the students must refer to each other as the answer to an algorithm.

How to do it:

1. Discuss how being able to see a number fact & say its answer instantly (See It, Say It) might lead people to be more positive towards maths.

2. Discuss how knowing the multiplication tables in order is rather inefficient in calculations as often people have to run through the whole table to arrive at an answer. Is this something you do?

3. Our goal is to achieve 'automacy' - 'See It, Say It'.

4. Call out a multiplication table e.g. the 7 times table OUT OF ORDER!!!& the students record their answers.

5. The students then have to choose a fact that they acknowledge they 'need to work on' in order to achieve automacy for that fact. The idea being that by the end of the day that fact will be known.

6. They then use a large texta to create a badge with their algorithm on it e.g. 7 x 9 =..... ( I use sticky labels for this that you can get from office supply stores).

7. Explain to the children that they are now no longer allowed to use the person's name and they must refer to them ALL DAY as the answer to the algorithm written on their chest. NB The teacher also must also stick to this rule.

8. For added interest, have the students devise a consequence that will aid learning of number facts for each time they forget to refer to the number. You'll find they can be rather creative here.

My students once my students built complements into the consequence where they had to say a phrase like '63 you are so clever' five times.

9. Have fun with it and never lose sight of this being just another memorisation strategy.

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