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Net for a Cube Title

This colorful cube net is ready to print out, construct & display. The net is tagged with visual reminders of the properties of a cube i.e. it has six square faces :) This cube net is ideal for creating math displays.

Download and construct a cube for your Math Display

net for a cube

This net prints out at A4 size when you download it

Properties of a Cube
(write these up on card & display)

- A cube has six square faces, 12 edges and 8 verticies.
- All sides of a cube are the same length
- All faces of a cube have the same area
- a corner (vertices) is where 3 faces meet
- an edge is where 2 faces meet
- A cube is sometimes referred to as a 'regular hexadron'
- It is said that a cube has 48 symmetries. How many can you find?
- Cubes stack really well i.e. they leave no gaps. So why are most boxes rectangular prisms?
- If you dipped each face in paint and printed it, what shape would each print be?

Old Version Downloads - Made in 2003

Net for a Cube Download
Net for a Cube
Acrobat Version - 191k

New FREE Version Download... with Emojis

How to make a cube

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