Square Pyramid Net - Ideal for Math Displays and 3d Shape Lesson

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Math Game Homepage - 3d Shape Nets - - Square Pyramid Net


Square Pyramid Net
Create a Square Pyramid

Summary: This colourful square pyramid net is ready to print out, construct & add to your math display area. The square pyramid is tagged with visual reminders of the properties of the shape i.e. it has four triangular faces & one square face this makes it a little more 'child friendly'.

Download and construct a square
pyramid for your Math Display

Square Pyramid Net

This net prints out at A4 size when downloaded

Construction Hints

- score the pyramid net along ALL fold lines before attempting to assemble

- use a ruler to aid scoring

- use sticky tape on the tabs to assemble this shape rather than glue. It is much easier.

Square Pyramid Facts
(write these up on card & display)

A square pyramid has four triangular faces and one square face.

The triangular faces 'taper' to a point which is called the apex.

Discussion Point - if a pyramid is rested on one of its triangular faces, is it still a 'square based pyramid'?

Old Version Downloads - Made in 2003

Square Pyramid Net Download

Square Pyramid Net

Download the Updated Net Here

Square Pyramid Net

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