Traversable Networks - Which of these Networks are Traversable

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Math Game Homepage - 3d Shape Nets - - Traversable Networks

Summary: What is a traversable network? What is the Konigsberg Bridge Problem? What is the solution to the Konigsberg Bridge Problem? Who was Leonard Euler? You will eventually be led to the answers to these problems but at the moment I've only got a few problems for you to print out and have your students try to solve:)

Traversable Networks

Just choose a starting planet and travel
across EVERY path without lifting your finger.

traversable networks

Traversable Network 1
Word Version
Traversable Network 1-
Acrobat Version

traversable networks

Traversable Network 2
Word Version
Traversable Network 2- Acrobat Version

traversable networks

Traversable Network 3
Word Version
Traversable Network 3 - Acrobat Version

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