Match Stick Puzzle Solution

Match Stick Puzzle Solution - I see you clicked :(
Big Hint - Use the Problem Solving Strategy of Constant Manipulation!
match stick puzzles

- Seriously though, the victory is so much sweeter if you solve these puzzles yourself. So head back and have another go!

- But If it has all become too much and you've pulled out all your hair, the solutions are at the bottom of this page. Honestly.

Match Stick Puzzle One: You are an office supervisor and the matchsticks show the movable office walls. One of your workers gets a promotion so you need to rearrange the walls so that each person has a square office.
NB You must use all of the matches.

Match Stick Puzzle Two:

Using ten matches make two squares.
Match stick puzzle

Match Stick Puzzle Three:

Remove only three matches and leave three triangles.

The Solutions:

Puzzle One:

match stick puzzle solution or match stick puzzle solution

Puzzle Two:

match stick puzzle solution

Puzzle Three:

match stick puzzle solution