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Problem Solving Activities
(Get Your Students Solving Problems to Improve their thinking skills)


Puzzles & Problem Solving Activities

Problem solving lessons are fantastic thinking tools for mathematics education. I use a variety of problems and mindbenders each week in class. The students get half an hour in class to solve these problems and then can take the puzzles home. This way they can involve the whole family in solving the problem. I discuss appropriate problem solving strategies esp that 'Whinging is NOT a Problem Solving Strategy'.

I also discuss the 'A-ha' feeling that you get when you finally solve a puzzle by yourself.

problem solving
This is the feeling you get when you solve one of these puzzles on your own

problem solving

Puzzle 1 - The T Problem - This puzzle is not as easy as it first seems.

problem solving
Puzzle 2 - The Scissors Problem - an old favourite
to get you thinking.

problem solving
Puzzle 3- Lego Junkbot - Junkbot is an online puzzle that is well worth a look

chess problem solving

Puzzle 4- Chessboard Problem - all you need is a few old chess sets to get them guessing and checking.

problem solving

Puzzle 5 - The Coin Over the Glass - turn an old pub trick into a thinking activity.

Soma Cube
Puzzle 6 - The Soma Cube - Build some long lasting puzzles for your classroom.

problem solving

Puzzle 7 - The Perfect Match - matchstick puzzles are a great thinking tool.

problem solving

Puzzle 8 - Puzzle Search - Have them Seek Out Challenge and Frustration and share it with the class.

Rush Hour

Puzzle 9 Rush Hour - Hint Leave the puzzle set up with a note that says, 'Can you do this one in only 14 steps?' - Put the challenge out there. (NB - This is one I always buy for classes)

Traversable Networks

Puzzle 10 - Traversable Networks
Chose a planet on which to begin & then trace over each path without lifting your finger. It's harder than it looks :)

Square Puzzle - Another great puzzle to cut out & challenge your students with :)

Square Puzzle

Another Square Puzzle
- Very similar to the last :-)

Palindrome Puzzle

Palindrome Puzzle - How many ways can you find to make the palindrome

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