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Roman Numerals Maths Lesson & Hopscotch

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The Romans Invented Hopscotch

One example of something that is around today from Roman times that you may not have thought of is the game of hopscotch.

Roman soldiers were required to play the game as a training drill. They had to 'play' in 'full kit' i.e. with their full armor, spear, sword, shield & helmet.

The aim of the drill was to increase the soldier's strength and stamina as well as increase their sure footedness and agility. It is one of history's first examples of cross training.

Rumour has it that the game was drawn up on roads in Roman Britain. The game board was thought to be around C feet (XXX metres) long and as you can imagine, it was not the soldiers favourite pass time.

Possible Extension Activity - draw a X square hopscotch board on your playground. Label each square with the roman numerals your group of friends feel they need to focus on then say each numeral aloud as you play the game.

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