Roman Battle Losses - Using Roman Numbers in Context

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Roman Battle Losses

Whilst the Roman Empire was built on military conquest it also suffered some monumental defeats.

Cannae 216 BCE
- 70 000 dead
- 10,000 captured

Arausio, 105 BCE
- 80 000 soldiers killer
- 40,000 servants killed

Teutoburg Forest 9 CE
- c. 20 000 killed

Boudica's Revolt in Britain 60 CE
- 80 000 Romans & their allies killed


Using your newly aquired knowledge of how to write large numbers in roman numerals convert the battle losses on the parchment above to roman numerals. Compose the dispatch to Rome telling them of the losses.

Extension: So these are not merely numbers on a page, briefly research one of the above battles & share the story with your class. - NB Youtube is a wonderful resource.
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