'Subtraction Doubles' is a Subtraction Game for Learning Essential Number Facts

Subtraction Game
'Subtraction Doubles' is an excellent game for reinforcing basic facts.

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subtraction game


Here is a fun game that can be played indoors or outdoors. The aim of the game is to encourage 'automacy' in the recall of basic subtraction facts.

In my classrooms I do a lot of work on the need for efficiency in doing mental computations. We aim for, 'SEE IT, SAY IT'. This game offers heaps of opportunity to discuss 'efficient' number strategies. It also demonstrates that those who use efficient strategies will do better at the game.

Remember to play safe!

Calculators make for extra fun when playing this game as most people can 'Beat the Calculator'!

What to do:

1. Draw this grid on concrete using chalk. Each square should be about 30cm by 30cm.
2. Two players stand with their feet in the large feet facing the game board.
3. A 'Caller' asks a question from one of the cards.
4. When a player has worked out the answer they must jump from their spot onto the correct answer. Do not move until you know the answer.
5. Players then rotate positions but the winner stays to compete with next player.

NB The object of the game is to have a bit of fun while you learn some of the facts so make an effort to learn your Subtraction 'Doubles' facts while you're standing in line.

Subtraction Game Download

Subtraction Game
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Subtraction Game Download
Subtraction Game
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